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Chicago Lawyers Seek Recovery When Professionals Breach Their Duty

Illinois law firm fights for people harmed by doctors, insurers and accountants

Professionals are required to work according to the rules and procedures set by their industry’s authorities. People place great faith, sometimes even their lives, in the hands of professional service providers such as doctors, accountants and insurance agents. When these people fall short in their duties, Schiff Gorman LLC helps victims seek justice and hold the liable parties accountable. Even in matters involving architects, engineers and real estate brokers, we understand the relevant standard of care for each profession and can effectively quantify the damage resulting from misconduct. If you believe you did not receive the professional service you were entitled to, we offer you the best chance at a resolution that restores fairness.

Malpractice attorneys with the experience to aid injured victims

When a doctor or other medical professional deviates from an accepted standard of care, a plaintiff must show that the act or omission caused injury. Schiff Gorman can maximize your ability to prove your malpractice claim in cases involving:

  • Surgical errors — During operations, slight mistakes can lead to permanent injury or even death. Unfortunately, a patient under anesthesia is in no position to determine what happened. If you suspect that something went wrong during surgery and you or a family member was injured as a result, we have the knowledge to investigate what happened and pursue a recovery if harmful negligence occurred.
  • Mistakes in diagnosis — Minor medical problems can turn serious quickly if they are not recognized and treated correctly. Schiff Gorman works to identify the damage caused by misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose to hold doctors accountable.
  • Prescription errors — Powerful drugs can do devastating damage if prescribed inappropriately. If an incorrect pharmaceutical was prescribed or if you were directed to take the wrong dosage, we will advocate for fair compensation.

Illinois has specific rules for plaintiffs who seek to make a medical malpractice claim. Schiff Gorman has the experience and professional network to make sure that your claim satisfies each requirement.

Skilled counsel for clients victimized by poor accounting practices

Even well-meaning accountants can make mistakes that have serious financial and legal consequences for their clients. Schiff Gorman lawyers know the standards of care that accountants must meet. We fight for people, families and businesses left to cope with the fallout caused by incorrect or unfiled tax returns, substandard advice, and wrongful certification of financial statements. When someone has breached their professional duty, you should not have to suffer. Our attorneys help mistreated clients hold their accountants responsible.

Lawyers seeking justice for insurance misconduct

Insurance companies and the agents who represent them have a fiduciary responsibility to recommend and provide appropriate coverage. Unfortunately, many policyholders lack a complete understanding of their coverage until it’s too late. In other cases, an insurer makes a decision in bad faith to deny payment on a claim that should be covered. If you have been misled or treated unfairly in an insurance matter, we can advise you on your insurer’s responsibilities and hold them accountable.

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