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Dedicated Assistance With Product Liability Matters in Chicago

Product liability litigation involves a claim that a product was placed into the stream of commerce in an unreasonably dangerous or defective condition, resulting in injury or death.  According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission nearly 30 million people suffered injuries, and approximately 22,000 lost their lives, due to the use of industrial and consumer products.  Many of these deaths and injuries are related to negligent design, manufacturing or improper or missing warnings.  A significant fraction of these dangerous products, at least 200-300 of them annually, are recalled and taken out of circulation, but only after the public has been put at risk.  Sadly, the recalls come too late for many.

Product liability claims can vary widely.  Some examples of the type of matters we have encountered include:

  • Poisonous compounds contained in the paint on children’s toys;
  • Food products
  • Construction equipment
  • Industrial machinery
  • Household appliances
  • Tools

At  Schiff Gorman, we  have successfully litigated many product liability cases, including one most recently that involved a boat owner who was badly burned about his body due to negligence committed in the manufacturing process that compromised a fuel valve.  The result was tragic: an explosion and fire erupted when the owner simply attempted to perform basic maintenance – changing the oil.   Our previous expertise working for such manufacturers as Black & Decker and Westinghouse will work in your favor to secure fair, just and full compensation.

The litigation approach to these claims must be proactive. From the onset we combine our clients understanding of the facts with the skill and knowledge of top-shelf engineering and technical experts so as to fully familiarize ourselves with the design, manufacture, distribution, sophistication and functionality of the product in question.  We collect the known written product information and then comparatively analyze the product for appropriate warnings of foreseeable dangers.   Therefore, a thorough understanding of the product, the theories of liability and the defenses that might be raised is critical to success.

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