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Illinois Attorneys Assist Victims of Legal Malpractice

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Attorneys have a legal duty to protect their clients’ rights, keep them advised of their case’s progress, and perform with professional competence. While many clients suspect that they were not well served by their attorneys, they are unaware of the difference between a disappointing outcome and legal malpractice. Schiff Gorman LLC can answer your questions and advise you whether a claim exists against the lawyers who represented you improperly. We have the experience to demonstrate when practice standards were not met and help prove that you would have obtained a better result with competent representation. If you believe you were the victim of ineffective counsel, we explain your options and chances for recovery.

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Proving legal malpractice requires satisfaction of a two-part test. Even if an attorney is shown to have performed incompetently, that does not necessarily mean that their former client will win a verdict. It must also be shown that absent the faulty representation, a better outcome would have been achieved. Schiff Gorman represents clients who received substandard counsel in any practice area and for misconduct including:

  • Negligence — If key deadlines were missed or other basic tasks were not completed, we can demonstrate how negligent conduct hurt your case.
  • Breach of contract or fiduciary duty — Attorneys have a responsibility to represent their clients’ best interests and are not permitted to violate agreements with them or their duty to protect their legal rights.
  • Fraudulent billing — Schiff Gorman can determine if you were overbilled or if your former law firm made case decisions designed to inflate your legal fees.
  • Conflict of interest — Sometimes the people representing you are actually more concerned with maintaining relationships with other parties. We can investigate whether your attorneys were fully committed to your success.
  • Ignorance of the law — Each lawyer is responsible for knowing the relevant law and procedure pertaining to their clients’ specific legal matter. Schiff Gorman can advise you whether the lawyer you hired represented you competently.
  • Failure to advise or obtain required consent — Clients don’t work on behalf of their lawyers — it’s the other way around. Your lawyer must provide knowledgeable legal counsel so that you can make well-informed decisions.

A two-year statute of limitations exists for legal malpractice claims, making evidence more difficult to obtain with each passing day. Even if you are unsure about an attorney’s professional liability, it is in your best interests to contact the experienced attorneys at Schiff Gorman as soon as possible.

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Schiff Gorman LLC assists clients who have suffered due to substandard legal representation. Our location in the Loop is convenient to public transportation, and we have a parking garage located in our building. Call 312-967-1429 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.


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