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Legal Help With Insurance Malpractice Matters in Chicago

Insurance brokers and insurance companies have a fiduciary relationship with their clients. They have a legal duty to act in good faith and to act responsibly in selecting appropriate insurance coverage, handling the client’s claims and protecting the client when claims are made against the client. Some of the common situations where insurance brokers or insurance companies may have breached their duties include:

  • Failing to obtain the insurance requested by the client
  • Failing to avoid gaps in insurance coverage
  • Failing to secure appropriate coverage applicable to the client
  • Delays in submitting a claim on the client’s behalf
  • Failing to protect the client against exposure beyond the selected coverage
  • Providing incorrect opinions concerning whether the policy provides coverage
  • Vexatious delays in processing claims
  • Improperly denying coverage
  • Limiting coverage provided in the policy

Insurance brokers and insurance companies’ responsibilities are provided by both statutes and by the law as interpreted by the courts. Knowing your rights, Schiff Gorman offers the opportunity to secure what you bargained for when entering into an agreement to secure insurance.

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