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Noteworthy Cases

The law firm of Schiff Gorman LLC has successfully represented clients in numerous cases of personal injury and medical and legal malpractice.  A selection of representative cases includes:

  • $3,800,000—Wrongful death of 45 year old construction worker suffered in explosion at plant facility leaving wife and three adult children
  • $3,600,000—Premises liability when 30 year old fell from unguarded roof deck suffering quadriplegia
  • $2,000,000—Legal malpractice and broker malpractice for failure to properly protect client when named as a party to a lawsuit
  • $1,600,000—Medical malpractice from improper monitoring of medication resulting of 55 year old diabetic leading to instability in her gait
  • $1,200,000—Medical malpractice from failure to diagnose cauda equina compression in 24 year old resulting in damage to bladder
  • $1,200,000—Pedestrian struck by patrol officer resulting in death of 73 year old female
  • $1,200,000—Employment action against trucking company’s loading and banding of bales that broke free resulting in elbow injury
  • $1,000,000—Product liability against distributor of over-the-counter drug resulting in death of 50 year old female
  • $800,000—Premises liability where 45 year old fell in hotel resulting in knee injury
  • $770,000—Automobile collision resulting in and fractured ribs and facial scars
  • $600,000—Medical malpractice for failure to timely diagnose breast cancer in a 35 year old woman for over nine months causing a shortened life expectancy
  • $600,000—Wrongful death of a father and adult son leaving a wife/mother when their truck ran off the road with a lack of evidence of who was driving the vehicle
  • $360,000—Product liability against distributor of protein drink
  • $350,000 Medical malpractice for failing to properly anesthetize a patient during colon surgery causing the death of a 65 year old cancer patient
  • $345,000—Premises liability where 25 year old fell in grocery store injuring lumbar spine
  • $300,000—Premises liability where a 54 year old woman was hit by a mechanical gate in a parking garage
  • $300,000—Auto collision causing lumbar injury to 55 year old truck driver
  • $250,000—Premises liability and treadmill malfunction
  • $160,000—Pedestrian struck by vehicle causing a hip fracture to a 60 year old man
  • $140,000—Automobile collision causing a non-operated herniated cervical disc injury to a retired 65 year old man
  • $100,000—Automobile collision causing four fractured ribs of 48 year old house painter

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